Friday, June 10, 2011

Snippet Reviews

"My Heart Can't Tell You No" Sara Evans
Musically great, vocally amazing, and a fine lyric, no the strongest but gets the job done.
Grade: B

"You and Tequila" Kenny Chesney
Matraca Berg's amazing pen, a sparse arrangement and  a great delivery make this not only a years highlight but career highlight for Chesney
Grade: A

"I Love You This Big" Scotty McCreery
Nice neotraditional production and a clear vocal make this listenable, but the lyrics lack and make the song just that, listenable.
Grade: C-

"Like My Mother Does" Lauren Alaina
A sweet, believable lyric matched with one of the finest young vocalists in music make this song more than just another Idol song, but rather a song for radio to play and enjoy. The one limitation: the production don't let her vocals shine as much as they can.
Grade: B+

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Coming Soon

Shania Twain single review
Julie Roberts Alive album review
Matraca Berg The Dreaming Fields album review
Lauren Alaina v. Scotty McCreery review
Quick Snippet Reviews

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sunny Sweeney "Staying's Worse Than Leaving"

As a follow up to "From A Table Away", Sunny continues to prove the 90's value that comercial success is possible without sacraficing artistic integruity with "Staying's Worse Then Leaving". Her lyrics have the spite of a modern Taylor Swift song, but it is much more comparable to a song  Pam Tillis would've sang in her prime. Likewise, the production compliments the song in all the right ways, much like that of Shania Twain. However, while she has released the best song so far this year, Sunny's one weak spot is that this song is so great it feels like a classic for a stronger vocalist (like Pam, Patty Loveless, or Sara Evans), and she is a more then compitant singer just not quite the same caliber that could've made this an instant classic.

Grade: A-

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Martina McBride "Teenage Daughters"

The first release by Martina on her new label is definitely different then her norm. With that said, its still not great music, but it should revive her career for the time being. The song has an older country-pop sound to it, similar to more recent Lee Ann Womack, and a lyric that is reminiscent of Lorretta Lynn which when added to a tamer vocal then usual adds to a pleasent record. However, thats what this is a pleasent record its not groundbraking just different and is held back by a couple of "do do" moments around the chorus.

Grade: C+

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Miranda Lambert "Heart Like Mine"

Miranda continues to stand above and beyond of the rest of her peers  with each thingshe releases daring radio to play the unconventional. "Heart Like Mine" does that and does it with such ease that it works oh so sweetly!

The lyrics are a wonderful combination of her "White Liar"-sass and her softer side shown throughout much of Revolution. Besides that, she includes sharp references to Jesus and how she could hang with him because he drank wine, simultaneously adding humor into her song.

With that said, the lyrics still aren't up to par with some other songs from the album, but the song makes up for it with a better production then previous single "Only Prettier". Overall it is a pleasent song that will keep Ms. Lambert welcome at radio and on critics year end lists.


Sunday, March 27, 2011

I'm Back!!!

Well as the title says I am back and I am also looking forward to doing this for a long time now. This blog will consist of comentary, reviews, and some news related objects. With that said, I sig off and plan to post more soon.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Whitney Duncan Promotion

The other day I posted an article for new 'Up and Comer" Whitney Duncan. Whitney has had a hard tie breaking into the music industry (her discography below) even after being one of only two artist to get signed to Warner Bros. Nashville from the fifth season of the USA Today talent show Nashville Star. As stated before Whitney worked on the album, titled 'Right Road Now', with producers John Shanks and Mark Bright known for there work with artist like Carrie Underwood and Michelle Branch. I believe that Ms. Duncan deserves to break through this glass wall set up by artist such as Taylor Swift, Carrie Underwood, Kellie Pickler, and up and comer Sarah Buxton (whom I plan to post an "Up and Comer" about soon). So I've decided to set up my own personal promotion via this site. Below are links to websites related to her, videos of her music, and links to local radio stations for requesting her and her songs to help move her up on the charts.







My World Is Over (w/ Kenny Rodgers)



Right Road Now

When I Said I Would




The Bed That You Made




All I Want For Christmas Is You



Right Road Now

Skinny Dippin'



A= Currently Charting


Skinny Dippin' (Official Video) [link]

When I Said I Would (Official Video) [link]


Official Website:



The Wolf (contact page, click the e-mail):